San Tan ValleySeptember 6, 2016by Calli Varner0Dogscapes: Pet Friendly Landscapes

When you own a dog, you may think it is impossible to maintain an attractive lawn, but you can still have a safe yard for fido without comprising the beauty of it. Your ultimate goal for the perfect dogscape is to create a safe, yet fun environment for your pet, while still having an attractive lawn full of plants and trees.

First, make sure to design your lawn around the needs of your pup. Keep in mind that they need lots of space to exercise and romp. You will want this space to be a safe area for your pet to prevent any injuries. If you do want to have trees in this area, just make sure they are sturdy and safe. You should also designate a certain area for your pet to potty. Flagstone, pea gavel, grass or even bricks make clean up easy. Plus, these things are safe on the paws and make a nice addition to any yard.

A very important part of a pet safety yard is what you put on the ground. You want to make sure it is gentle on your pet’s paws so use things like smooth flagstones, pebbles or even small cedar chips. These chips are really easy on the paws and they won’t get stuck in their fur. It is also great to use for easy potty clean up.

If you want to have a garden or flowerbed, just build a border around it and train your pet to keep out. It is also a good idea to use raised flowerbeds so it is more difficult for your pet to access. And always use temporary fencing around new areas. Once your pet is trained to avoid these areas, you won’t have to worry about them destroying it!

Dogs like to have fun and relax in the sun, but they still want an area they can go to that is shaded. They usually prefer their own space, so a doghouse is always nice to have or even just an area with a dog bed just for them on the patio.

The most important part of a dogscape is that you have plants and trees that are safe for your pet. But you have to think about other things than just poisonous plants and trees. Thorny and spiny plants aren’t the best options because they can stick to the coat easily and can get stuck in the paws, which is very painful for your dog. They can also cause injury to the eye if they get poked with it. Foxtail grasses are another threat to the eye and even the ear. They can work there way into the ear, which causes a lot of pain and requires a trip to the vet. They can also get stuck in the paw and they could cause damage if inhaled. Plants like the bamboo palm, the magnolia bush and most weeds can be very toxic.

Our pets are our family and we want to be able to share our yard with them safely. With these helpful tips, you will be able to have a safe yard for your pet and still be able to enjoy the beauty of it.

Helpful Tip: For more information on plants and trees that could be a threat to your dog, visit

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