chandlerOctober 4, 2016by Calli Varner0Only the Best Lawn Care Equipment Will Do

Maintaining a beautiful lawn requires quite a bit of work and if you don’t want to hire professionals to do it, then you want to make sure you are using the right lawn care equipment. You also want to make sure you are using the tools the right way.

To start, you want to own some basic lawn care equipment. Tools like a garden cart or wheelbarrow will help easily haul everything for you and comes in handy when doing all types of yard work. You also want a garden rake. The steal headed type is best to prepare small areas of soil for planting.

If you need to remove turf, a grape hoe has a wide and heavy blade that does the work for you efficiently. To trim flowers, carefully use grass shears and to help clean up any debris after, a landscape rake will do the job. A rake with a 36-inch aluminum head on an aluminum or wood shaft will remove debris from soil while also leveling it out. To rake leaves, you can use a more lightweight leaf rake that you can find in a bamboo like material or even plastic. There are many options when it comes to lawn care equipment, just find which one will work best for your lawn.

One of the most needed lawn care equipment is a shovel. You don’t want to just own one shovel, but you will want to have a few different types on hand because they all have different purposes. A shovel with a round point is to be used when you want to remove large qualities of material like sand and soil. A D handled shovel is best to break up dirt, then follow-up using a long handled shovel to dig the dirt.

When it comes to gardens, smaller versions of lawn care equipment work best. A trowel, which is a hand tool with a pointed small shovel on the end of a metal handle, is perfect for scooping. The trowel will help break up dirt in your garden easily and help dig small holes for planting. A weeder is a short shovel with a forked steel head and helps get rid of weeds easily.

A blower isn’t as necessary in Arizona as it may be in other parts of the country, but it isn’t a bad tool to keep on hand. If you have a lot of grass and want to mow your own lawn, then there are several different types and sizes of lawn mowers. Depending on the size of your yard and how often you need to mow it, it is sometimes makes more sense to hire professionals like BV Lawn Care to do the work.

When it comes to lawn care equipment, there are a lot of options, but don’t get overwhelmed. You just need to evaluate your landscape and choose the best tools for your yard.

Helpful Tip: A trowel is the perfect tool to use when dealing with potted plants!

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