Poolside Potted Plants

Most people would think that a pool in a backyard full of plants would be a mess. Luckily, there are some helpful tricks to having a beautiful backyard without the hassle of having to maintain it all the time. Especially here in Arizona where many backyards have pools. A few weeks ago we published a blog with some tips on how to have plants around a pool without the debris. One of the best ways to have plants around your pool, but without all that debris is to use potted plants.

Succulent plants and large leaf plants are the best option when it comes to plants around a pool and they require even less clean up when they are in a pot. Not only do most of these plants offer a tropical look to your landscape, they have very little debris. Potted plants can add a unique look to your yard when you get creative with the pots and décor.

Most of the dirt and debris will be collected in the pot, so you won’t have to worry about it getting into your pool. Plus, potted plants are an effortless way to add some beauty to the border of your pool. It is always fun to go with colorful plants because that will make the blue water stand out even more. When you use a pot, you are able to mix together a variety of colored plants that are a great addition to any poolside.

Potted plants are an easy way to break-up boring blank spots that surround your sidewalks or pool. Taller plants are always a great option for pots because they add height to your backyard landscape, which helps with keeping your yard private and also adds shade to your pool area. From the ground level when you are in your pool, these tall plants look really neat and add some extra flare compared to plants that are in the ground.

You can never go wrong with dwarf palm trees or other palms like the fan palm, especially in Arizona. These plants can survive the heat, require little water and don’t leave much debris around.

Most potted plants can be easily maintained and do not require a lot of clean up, but if you are ever stuck or don’t feel like maintaining your landscape yourself, make sure to call the professionals at BV Lawn Care!

Helpful Tip: Potted plants around the pool are the perfect place to have those fun trailing plants like the desert broom!

Prepping Your Lawn and Garden for Fall

Living in beautiful Arizona, you may think there isn’t much to do with your landscape to prepare for fall. But fall is actually the best time to plant trees, flowers and vegetables and also a great time to do some lawn care.

The months of September and October are the ideal times to work on your yard and do some planting and gardening. Especially for Arizona residents, the ground isn’t frozen yet, so the soil is easy to work with. Plus, by the time spring comes around, all of the hard work is already started!

September is when you want to decide if you want to overseed your grass for winter so that you can start preparing. If not, then use a high nitrogen fertilizer to help keep your grass looking green longer. You want to wait until the end of September to start your garden because that is when it really cools down, especially at night. The best vegetables to plant during this time of year are broccoli, spinach, carrots, peas and lettuce. The vegetables will have plenty of time to be ready for all of your holiday festivities. If it starts to get really cold out you, you can use floating row covers to provide extra heat and prevent frost.

October is when you want to sow winter grass if that is what you are choosing to do with your landscape. If not, then continue to use fertilizer. If you are unsure, you can always call the professionals at BV Lawn Care.

The month of October is also the perfect month to plant those citrus trees because it is still warm enough for the roots to grow. Just make sure to always remember to keep the trees hydrated. If we do see some colder temperature and winds, make sure to keep an eye on them and water the trees more if needed because these conditions can easily dehydrate them.

You might want to wait until November to plant wild flowers. It depends on how warm the temperatures will be in October. Cooler temperatures will help flowers like tulips, daffodils and iris thrive.

Landscaping is always more enjoyable when the weather is beautiful. Arizona usually sees amazing weather at the end of September and during the months of October and November. Make sure to take advantage of this time and do some planting and gardening!

Helpful Tip: Clean up your yard and add some pretty fall decorations. From pumpkins to a handful of different Halloween decorations, there are plenty of looks to choose from. Sometimes having fun decorations is all the motivation you need to keep your yard clean and looking good.

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